American muscle cars

Flex it. 


Camaro sex



Chevy Camaro '69 CAD



Corvette C2 Cabriolet




hot momma



Sonny&Cher loved that Mustang




Back Fender of a 1970s Plymouth Barracuda Hotness Image by © Erik P./Corbis



The always foxy Ford Falcon









72 Olds Cutlass 442



1970 Dodge Challenger



Gremlin people



AMC Gremlin, also available in Puce



AMC Gremlin X Concept rendering



Classic 70's Americana



Summer days...


  • ’69 Camaro ad

    The Airstream Flying Cloud, for post-race fun




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    I'm obsessed with vintage Americana and anything Made in the USA! I LIVE IN NYC and love sharing the treasures I find on my hunts...
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