Americana accessories


Corto Moltedo via FashionSnoops



Show your rights



The Ramones: America's first punk rock band



Overkill Shop, a store in Berlin, just stocked the new adidas Americana “Snake” models. Via FreshnessMag





Vrooom - Via JC motorcycles, UK




Bandz - American but NOT made in America 😦



Vintage  Antique Trader




Clark Gable was a sexy American - via Antique Trader



Party City sells these during July 4th, I think they it should be sold year 'round



Show your Patriotism whilst rocking out



Not made in the US 😦



If Capt. America was a girl, she would rock these....



You're a wonder, Wonder Woman



About missamericana

I'm obsessed with vintage Americana and anything Made in the USA! I LIVE IN NYC and love sharing the treasures I find on my hunts...
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