I’m totally copying FashionSnoops

I love this incredible line of American-made leather goods. It takes American heritage to another level and makes me want to get on a train and go cross-country…

Thank you  Snoopers! xoxox

Monogram leather journal. yum.

Take me to my train

For the pampered logger

The best logo ever.

American craftsmen made this with love

Why buy a bag year when you can have this for a lifetime

Buy authentic Americana @ JW Hulme Co.


About missamericana

I'm obsessed with vintage Americana and anything Made in the USA! I LIVE IN NYC and love sharing the treasures I find on my hunts...
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1 Response to I’m totally copying FashionSnoops

  1. ali says:

    All American LOVE! Next year we must go to the show in Minnesota and find all of the gems together

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