Vintage movie crews

I am so inspired by American filmmakers.

They came from all around the world to work in Hollywood and made it famous.

Here are some of my favorites. I love how dapper everybody looks, back when American film-making used to be a gentleman’s sport…

Mr. Michelangelo Antonioni won the Oscar for the incredible 1966 film BlowUp

1960's grip crew pushing a metal dolly

Yes, that’s Elvis…


Dean Semler '69

Film Noir


Cary Grant "To Catch A Thief"

Mr. John Huston

Mr. Huston’s life

Huston with Marilyn on the film The MisFits - She dies a year later...


60's film director necessities

Mr. Truffaut's set; The father of French new wave cinema


Vintage Belstaff

Han eye-wear from Spring '09

Vintage Levi’s

Beryll asphalt boots



About missamericana

I'm obsessed with vintage Americana and anything Made in the USA! I LIVE IN NYC and love sharing the treasures I find on my hunts...
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