Kings of the wild frontier part 1

August 1863. Bealeton, Va. “Capt. Henry Page, assistant quartermaster, at Army of Potomac headquarters with horse.”              Wet plate glass negative.

Above photo is via Shorpy, the 100 year old photo blog & a Miss Americana favorite


“Sadie Austin, the daughter of Cherry County rancher Charles Austin, was a woman of many talents. She was well educated and noted for her refinement, including her accomplishments as a pianist. But, when needed, she was also able to put on a split skirt and help the cowhands. She could sit a horse well and was noted for her shooting ability. She was the best known cowgirl in Cherry County.

"Skin that deer and make me a pair of boots, Marv..."

The John Curry homestead near West Union, Custer County, Nebraska, 1886, Solomon D. Butcher, photographer. Known in Nebraska as "Nebraska Gothic," this photograph possibly served as one of many inspirations for Grant Wood's painting, "American Gothic."

Watch out trespassers, I’ve got a pitchfork and ma’s got a wooden chair


Actor Fess Parker as Daniel Boone. If you're wondering what my winter look will be this season...

And...Fess Parker as Davy Crockett - He really liked that 'coon hat+fringe shirt look

Davey Crockett 'coon love



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