Gremlin X

American Motor Company (AMC) built the Gremlin between 1970 and 1978. More than 670,000 were produced. Year-by-year:

1970 In April Gremlin introduced two basic models, a two-seater and a four-seater hatchback
six cylinder, 199 in3 128 hp
six cylinder, 232 in3 145 hpClick here to read an article about the introduction of the Gremlin, from the April 1970 issue of Popular Mechanics.


1971 Two-seater retired this year
199 in3 engine no longer available
six cylinder, 258 in3, 150 hp available
“X” package introduced 
1972 six cylinder, 232 in3 rated at 100 hp
six cylinder, 252 in3 rated at 110 hp
eight cylinder, 304 in3, 150 hp available
Automatic transmission changed to Chrysler “Torque Command” 
1973 Front bumper larger and mounted on telescoping struts
Levi’s trim package introduced
Redesigned back seat with (a little) more room
1974 New grille and front bumper.
Rear bumper was put on telescoping struts.
“Rallye-X” package added a tachometer, oil pressure and ammeter gauges.
1975 Electronic ignition standard on all models, although this was not entirely trouble-free.
Catalytic converter introduced.
1976 Redesigned grille and headlight assembly.
The eight-cylinder 304 in3 V8 engine option was dropped during the production year.
1977 Major restyling: front end shortened, larger glass hatch, larger tail lights. Gas cap moved to behind the license plate.
A four-cylinder 2 liter engine available.
1978 Final year of Gremlin production.
New dashboard design.
“GT” package available with front spoiler and fender flares, as well as other items.



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